Holding your light.

Discover your new favourite home decoration elements. Hand-made, unique and durable light bowls. Use them as candle holders or as decorative bowls.

White bowl-light, gold


Classic white cover and luxurious golden finish for that perfect candle-light glow. This elegant colour combo is suitable for every occasion and room setting.


Gray bowl-light, gold


Darker gray cover with golden inside finish will create an unique eye-catching match. This bowl-light creates luminous candle-light glow to offer you the right atmosphere.

White bowl-light, silver


Moonlight silver and white coloured bowl-light glow gives off elegant vibes. Let this bowl-light add subtle eye-catching glow to your home .


Gray bowl-light, silver


Darker gray bowl-light with silver finish. Darker paint cover creates luminous contrast together with slightly glowing silver finish. True glow-light for light up darker areas.



All of our bowls are handmade with love. It is a true craft that takes lots of care and dedication. Every light-bowl is unique as it is all hand made.

Small size bowl-light


Each small bowl-light is unique and the size varies between 10-15 cm. Perfect for tea-candles and as a candy bowl.

Classic bowl-light


Classic size about 20 cm in diameter. Our classic size is fits everywhere perfectly – it is not too small and not to big.


XL- bowl light


Our XL- bowl lights are true decorative statement. The size of the XL-bowl-light can be up to 25 cm in diameter. True WOW-factor!



Light-bowl takes up to 5 weeks to make during which bowl-lights are made, layered and painted. Bowl-light may have up to 6-7 layers.  Each layer needs careful and delicate handling.